Boost your brand with Influencer Marketing: 6 tips

Are you considering adding influencer marketing to your marketing mix? Good idea! More and more Belgian companies are incorporating influencer marketing into their marketing strategy, and with good reason.

Influencer marketing is a powerful, authentic way to grow your business or brand. No matter the size of your company or your industry.

Do you want to reach and touch your target group with authentic marketing touchpoints? Below you will find 6 tips to grow your business with influencer marketing.

1. Find influencers that fit your brand 

A story that revolves around authenticity, should start there. Therefore, look for influencers who fit your story, brand and target audience.  

These influencers can be people who are already fans of your product or service, and whom you transform into real brand ambassadors. Or they are people with a similar audience like you, or people who reach an audience that could increase your market share. 

By selecting the right influencers, you increase your reach and bring your brand to the attention of relevant, potential customers.  

2. Set up a productive collab 

The word ‘collaboration’ is very important here. For the best results, give your influencers enough creative freedom in content creation. Let them incorporate their own personal touches. 

On the other hand, as a brand, it’s important that you are involved, give feedback and brainstorm together with the influencer to put your products or services in the spotlight. 

3. Stay authentic and inspire trust 

As we already mentioned: authenticity is key. The influencer collab has to be authentic, this is vital. The influencer must be genuinely interested in your brand, only that way the collaboration comes across as natural and effortless.  

Is the collaboration not authentic? Then the influencer’s audience might dispel the illusion right away. Which in turn will cause a decrease in trust in both the influencer and your brand.  

Are you asking the influencer to review your product or service? Then don’t impose rules, and just ask for an honest review.

4. Track the collaboration and crush the numbers 

The collaboration has been launched and… that’s it? Just like with any other marketing campaign, you’ll closely follow the results of your influencer marketing: 

  • Measure the reach and engagement of the influencer’s posts, Reels, and TikToks. 
  • Check how many times the discount code was used on your webshop. 
  • Track how many clicks there are to your website or Instagram.  

With these insights you determine the success of the influencer collab, evaluate the results and adjust your approach for future collaborations.  

5. Stay active on social media 

An influencer collaboration should be seen as a campaign, and it works both ways. The influencer creates content for your brand, and you continue this story on your own social media channels. This not only ensures more involvement and results, it also radiates more authenticity. 

6. Build long-term relationships for more results  

Build a long-term relationship with influencers who fit your brand and target audience. This ensures a greater reach in the long term and more brand awareness among the target audience.

Moreover, a good relationship with influencers leads to new collaboration opportunities and recommendations from the influencer.

Finally, you can negotiate better prices with influencers when you enter into long-term partnerships. 

Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to grow your brand – but you have to put in the time and effort. 

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