Another digital marketing agency? Aren’t there already a dime a dozen?

We’re kicking off this blog post with this question. Let’s be honest: the digital marketing field in Belgium is crowded. If we’d put it in numbers, there is one ad agency in for every 200 companies in Belgium. Some of these advertising agencies aim to grow into serious SMEs that completely service you from A to Z. Others prefer to stay small and consciously choose to be an expert in one specific field of marketing.

But why hasn’t every company taken a marketing partner with extensive knowledge under its wing yet?

The negative connotation towards marketing agencies

After years of working in the marketing world, the same issues kept coming up when it came to relations between company and agency: the relations were often perceived as impersonal, superficial, one-sided, etc. This put a strain on the relationship, and can cause a negative connotation towards marketing agencies in general.

It was therefore clear that there was a need for change or, more concretely, for sustainable relationships and collaborations from which both parties really benefit.

Combine a large dose of healthy ambition with select team of experts and the will to do things differently, and that’s how Adman Agency was born.

Focus on Belgian companies

Apart from the major agencies, every digital agency focuses on its own niche. This is often split into the type of services that they provide (advertising, content creation, social media management, …), the market in which they have the most experience (B2B vs. B2C) or the sector they feel most passionate about (FMCG, construction sector, automotive). We chose to focus on Belgian start-ups and scale-ups.

Since the Corona pandemic, the Belgian consumer’s voice is sounding loud and clear. There is a clear trend towards the keyword: LOCAL. Local shops, local products, local services,… Belgian chauvinism has noticeably increased. Despite the economic downturn, more and more young entrepreneurs are taking the plunge.

That’s really cool, right?

Especially when you know that we, as Belgians, have a reputation for being less enterprising than our northern neighbours. We are less vocal about the successes we achieve. Nevertheless, we are catching up nicely and Belgian startups are popping up like mushrooms. Belgium has been experiencing a growth spurt in the entrepreneurial landscape for a long time, and we should be proud of that.

Despite the energy crisis, consumers who are losing purchasing power and geopolitical conflicts, our economy remains reasonably stable. We can really be proud of the many young entrepreneurs who have put incredibly cool, ecological or innovative products and services on the market (Looking at companies like Brauzz, NONA, The Mocktail Club, TipToh, Bolt, KRIKET, Just Russel…).

These are the type of companies that we want to support and work with, to give them an even more visible position in the market. Growing together and boosting the Belgian entrepreneurial market, that is our ultimate goal.

‘Growing together’, what does that really mean?

To grow together, there must be a ‘match’. It’s so important. We will never start a collaboration without getting to know our potential partner. This takes the form of an extensive intake interview, followed by an assessment of your company during a first kick-off.

This way you already know at the start of our collaboration what we want to achieve for you and you immediately have a clear picture of whether we are placing the right focal points in your marketing story.

In addition, it is not only important to us that we understand your business well, but that we speak the same language.

Because as in any relationship, trust and respect are the foundations of Adman Agency. If those foundations don’t exists, it will impact the collaboration in a negative way. Both parties will end up frustrated. That’s why we can state with certainty: there’s still room for Adman Agency.

Marketing extends far beyond being up-to-date with the latest trends on TikTok or Instagram Reels

Marketing relies heavily on psychological and economic principles. You need psychological and economic tactics to tie people to your brand!

That is why we think it is important to keep a finger on the pulse of the Belgian economy at all times, so that we can advise our customers in the best way possible. When you dedicate time and efforts to understand the Belgian economy and stay up-to-date, it is easier to frame marketing advice in a bigger picture.

This blog post is also the first in a series in which we will cover one topic every month that will help you, as an entrepreneur.

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