Get in touch with people that are looking for your products or services

Find new customers, enlarge your reach and focus on low hanging fruit. Start efficiently with your marketing investments and target the people who are already actively looking for your products or services. Talk to one of our experts for a personal approach.

Pick low hanging fruit

Efficient use of your marketing budget? SEA! Advertising in search engines, such as Google or Bing, are an interesting possibility to explore. By advertising through, fe, Google, you reach people who are actively looking for the product/service that you are offering. Every click from an ad on Google to your website is someone who wants to know more about you – a potential client.

Are your ads running like they should? Request your Google Ads audit

Not sure if you’re ready for a collaboration? When you request an audit for your Google Ads account, we analyze your entire account based on an audit that takes into account up to 60 factors.

Advertising on search engines

What can you expect? How do we get results?

Onboarding: when a new collaboration starts, we always start with an onboarding. During this onboarding, we deep-dive into your company. This allows us to make better decisions in the long run.

Audit or set up a new account: in case there is already an account that has been actively advertised, we start with an audit of this account. Your account will be assessed based on 60 points. Depending on how you score on this, there are often quick wins that help you optimize your results. In case a Google Ads account does not yet exist, we will set it up completely for you.

Google Ads and Google Analytics setup: of course we also want to measure what works and what doesn’t work for your company. That is why we are going to work on correctly setting up both Google Ads and Google Analytics so that all the data we need comes through properly.

Keyword research: to find out what your future customers are looking for, we always start with keyword research. Based on this research, you can quickly see how many monthly searches there are for search terms relevant to your services and/or products and how much the average monthly investment would be if we wanted to make optimal use of this.

Monitoring and management: Search engine advertising is not a set-and-forget approach. To use this tactic as efficiently as possible, we adjust the account on a weekly basis in function of the predetermined objectives. Here we make adjustments based on conclusions we draw from data and experiments.

Marketing Monthly: last but not least, you naturally want to know what your investment has yielded. That is why we always provide a focus moment every month (in addition to the communication during the week, of course). During this meeting, we discuss the results achieved, remarkable conclusions and next steps we want to take. It is important that we merge both your and our visions here for the ultimate approach that everyone supports.

Advertising in Google & Digital marketing strategy

  • Account management can start immediately
  • Collaboration of minimum 3 months
  • From €800 per month excl. VAT*
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