Social media management & content creation

Do you lack the time (or let’s be real: the energy) to manage social media yourself? Do you waste hours thinking about what to post next? Does it feel like an obligation to manage your social media accounts? No idea how to make engaging content? You’ve found the right partner.

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Why would you outsource social media?

  1. Save time and focus on the things that matter to you – social media management requires time and expertise
  2. Be present , create engaging conversation and stay top of mind
  3. More online interactions – authentic conversations are the key to winning online.
  4. Let’s talk number – social media is data-driven! We adapt our strategy when necessary and give you data insights throughout our collaboration.
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Social media management – what does it mean?

Being active on social media with your business has numerous benefits: you enhance your positioning, you create demand for your products, you cultivate fans of what you do and how you do it, and in the long term, it generates significant revenue. But it takes a lot of time. Our services provide you with a piece of mind.

  • Strategy: strategy is our starting point. How does social media fit into your overall marketing plan? Which channels resonate with your target audience?
  • Content creation: we shoot photo and video content, edit content, create graphical elements, short & long copy…
  • Planning: we create a content calendar and make sure that everything goes online when it should
  • Community management: we react to comments & actively seek out engagement by building relationships with relevant people
  • Analytics: your social media endeavours are part of a bigger marketing plan with goals and KPIs, so we report back on numbers, results and ROI.

Social media management

What can you expect when working with us?
  • Onboarding: We try to gather as much information as possible so we get to know you, your company, your goals… This allows us to move quickly and make better choices.
  • Account set-up or optimization: we always start by auditting your current accounts before creating a new plan of action. This allows us to get the basics right before putting in the work. Depending on the outcome of the audit, we often identify quick wins that can already optimize results. If you don’t have any accounts yet, we set this up for you from scratch.
  • Content creation, planning, follow-up & reporting: we create a roll-out plan based on our overall marketing strategy and create the necessary content (visuals, video, copy) and plan everything accordingly. The only thing you need to do? Give us feedback!
  • Marketing Monthly: last but not least, you obviously want to know what your investment has paid off. Therefore, we always provide a monthly focus moment (in addition to weekly communications, of course). During this meeting, we discuss the results obtained, interesting conclusions and next steps we want to take.

Social media management & content creation

  • Account management can start immediately
  • Collaboration of minimum 3 months
  • From €750 per month per channel, excluding VAT*
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